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Animal Instincts!

So I have been following the story of the endangered African ground hornbills that escaped from the Honolulu Zoo. One of them has returned to the Zoo and the zookeepers managed to keep her, but the male is still At large. I wonder if he will fly back too? Or if he will end up the king of one of our Lush Valleys Making hornbill mynah babies. It’s exciting! According to a report from Hawaii News now it’s approachable but do not approach. Lol.

If you see it you are supposed to call 911.

I use to live across the street from the zoo and was lulled to sleep by the sounds of exotic animals. I loved it. I would take a walk with my baby and see the giraffes necks over the top of the fence. I use to wonder about escapes and heard Rumors about baby tortoises walking up Monsarrat and other stories that were not confirmed.

I am extra into this story because

I have personal experience with Animal Escapees. A circus came to town and an elephant named Tyke escaped and injured people in the process. I was near Ward Ave and saw the elephant with my own eyes and also saw them putting him down. An image I can’t forget.

I will follow this story and see what happens. In the meantime, I will be looking for a turkey looking bird near Waikiki. Let me know if you have a sighting:)

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