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Choose your own adventure blog.

This is a fictional Story that YOU the reader/author will co - write with me. All you have to do is choose one option. A B or C, I will continue the story with the option that most people choose.

... Jenee woke up and looked around. She had no idea where she was. She could feel a throbbing pain on the top of her head and had an urge to vomit. Something cold was wrapped around her. She looked down to see what it was. Some kind of glowing seaweed. Jenee could hear the sound of Footsteps Approaching She looked up at the shadowy figure. “Drink?” The man‘s voice was scratchy and low. She shook her head yes. She was a long way from the Bronx.

A. They board a spaceship.

B. Shadowy figure says “our children are waiting for you”

C. She flashes back to the Bronx.

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