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Are you an ecosexual?

Do you love the earth? Yes.

Are you kind to the Earth? Yes.

Do you make love to the earth? Uh say what?

Ok before we get to that last question. My understanding of Ecosexualism, is a movement to change the concept of “Mother Earth” to “Lover Earth.”

Ok I’m intrigued.

They say that if you view the earth as your lover you will treat it with more awareness and respect.

Makes sense, if your lover is not Koo Koo bananas.

They suggest tuning into your senses or being sensual when in nature. Paying attention to textures, like running your hand over moss. Or really focus the sensations of nature as pleasure. Walking barefoot in the sand.


Then there are these people.


Ok the images on the internet are mostly part of a marketing strategy so that more people pay attention to the earth. Not something that happens on a regular basis.

So this is not your average tree hugging.

It’s a promise to treat the earth with love.

If if you are interested you can check out the manifesto below.

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