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Flow Vs. Force

I forced myself to wake up this morning and forced my self to get to Aikido on time. I was tense and not flexible. My Sensei sensing this said, "imagine you are climbing up a mountain and you realize a boulder is coming straight toward you. Are you the person that puts your hands up to stop the force? Do you step aside and let it pass? Or are you the person to turn around and run away?" I want to be the second person! Still I wasn't loosening my grip.

He said harmonize with the momentum of the negative energy coming towards you, turn it into something beautiful and set it free. He was of course saying this as he was throwing me to the ground. LOL. I finally got it. This cushiony mat is beautiful and protecting my back, Praise Jesus.

I relaxed and flowed with the movement and my throw was more powerful. Weird!

I have experienced this before with my daughter. Pick up your stuff! Brush your teeth now! Come on We ARE LATE FOR SCHOOL! Forceful tone and threatening words. Of course she digs her heels in and doesn't move or listen. When I approach her gently she can actually hear me. Especially if tickles and humor follow.

In the reverse when my boss lashes out about something, I acknowledge her feelings and found the humor in the situation and quickly found a solution.

Much More effective than a snarky remark intended to mame. I'm going with the flow y'all.

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