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How big do our butts need to be? Is the big butt trend finally over?

Bigg butts were all the rage not too long ago. JLo, Amber, Kardashian, Minaj....Is this trend finally over? It appears not! It is still all about that bass. Big booty everywhere. Although I am happy about the celebration of curves it just seems like a new obsession. Like big breast were, are. I have friends who have gotten Brazilian lifts and they look great. But at what cost? They sometimes don’t last and there can be major complications.

My boyfriend says it’s easy to get a big butt. Just eat Platanos. Lol. Ok babe. BTW I have a great recipe for platanos for another blog.

It’s not that easy to get a big backside or is it? Every dancer I have ever met has a nice booty. I think it’s the jumping, relevés and the all around body conditioning.

Maybe instead of targeting the end zone we should think about the whole game. Health? Until then long live the inflatable booty.

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