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Is traveling light right? One Night on an outer island and I don’t think I packed enough stuff...

I forgot a bathing suit!!! Come on! Ok I must streamline. I have a girlfriend who challenged herself to only bring one wrap dress On a weekend trip. A convertible dress Of sorts. A maxi Infiniti dress.

Smart. Except I have no time to learn how to tie that bad boy.

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(Haha I wish I was this organized! My actual bag looks like the clothes we’re fighting for survival.....And the Victoria’s Secret bra won.)

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Always, always check the weather.

Know what you plan to do during your trip.

Pack items that can very easily be mixed together to form additional outfits.

Do not pack items that are similar in shape or function.

Be sure that all colors go well together.Wear your bulkier items for travel so they don’t need to go in your bag.

Do not pack a one-piece item (i.e. dress, jumpsuit) unless it can be worn in more than one way.

Limit your toiletries to those you absolutely need every single day.

Opt for a day routine v.s. both day and night.

Using minimal makeup is helpful as well.

Do you really need a laptop? I packed mine and didn’t end up using it. I will spend all my time with family instead.”

On a seperate note I’m excited that Southwest Airlines will be flying Inter island now.

I loved it when I use to fly with them out of Burbank. It was lighthearted and fun! But... you had to face the other passengers limousine seat style as well as no assigned seating. Whatever! As long as the prices for inter-island come down!! Average $200 for a rountrip!! Say what?!! I hope Southwest considers family discounts for Kama`aina travel.

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