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“It's just as important to let go of your accomplishments as it is your failures”

Everyone advises performers about the importance of letting go of rejection. I think it's just as important to let go of your accomplishments. When I moved to L.A. people would introduce themselves to me they would tell me what they were working on or what they had booked in the past. A verbal resume. While I do think think this is necessary on some occasions, it becomes a slippery slope when you talk about it all the time. It means that at the current moment you are not being creative and not being open to the magic at your fingertips. We are all guilty of it, romancing our college years or past lovers or the celebrities you stalked at the Maui forget about that. In Show business people tend to believe they are only as good as their last job. That's a mantra for insanity. Follow that line of thinking and you are no better than an addict chasing that first high.

We are performers, here to reflect all the facets of life. Staying present means staying fresh and alert. Staying Alive. Somebody give me a disco ball and some platforms.

How do you let go? Stay Curious. Learn something new. Refine your skills. Take a class. Discuss anything else besides performing. Talk to Civilians, by civilians I mean people not in show business. Actually let them talk. Get a fresh perspective on life. Know that you are valuable because you have the breath of life.

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