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My cat literally wants me dead.

She loves me she loves me not.... ouch!

We adopted our cat Chocolate from the Humane society.

She calmly came up to us in the kitten room and plopped herself on our lap and starting purring. We thought, awe, such a loving, enlightened, Buddha kitty. Perfect. Until we got home.... suddenly our toes had turned into grapes and our thighs became big hunks of meaty catnip. Oh and she had worms. I thought great! I thought that spaghetti looked weird. What have we done!!!!! Ok so the vet got rid of the worms right away but the biting is now just comical. Supposedly it’s a sign of affection but um, this must be some form of bdsm because wowsa! I was also told that it‘s a cue to stop petting her. Roger that! Sometimes though I feel like she’s stalking me. Stalking my skirt Especially. She also does this thing where we are sitting on the couch and she will surprise us with an underneath calf attack or sometimes from above. She flies through the air and tries to brush our hair with a quick swiping paw. We are constantly laughing at her amazing kitten antics and funny Kolohe personality. It has honestly been so much fun. Someone tell me though will the biting ever stop? Lol. Is there a cat whisperer out there? Here‘s a video of surprise attack:)

Right before a pounce....

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