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NETFLIX customization is getting freaky good!

Hunting for something to watch is like a part time job. It would be totally easy to search if I knew how I wanted to feel when I watch a movie. Yesterday I noticed a new Netflix genre. Sparking Joy? Does anyone else have this? Or is this genre specific to me? Holla!

I gues this is a good sign that what I’m searching for is joyful? Lol.

I actually think this is a good idea.

Well, Netflix Here are some other genres titles to consider.

“PMS Blasters” (romantic comedies)

“Go Gurl” (female empowerment movies and anything with JLO)

“Laughter Yoga” (stand up comedians)

”DIY Therapy” (happiness documentaries, travel, home decorating, anything with Chris Hemsworth)

“Actors are Rad” These are the ones about actors Making Movies Or shows. (like Tootsie, La La Land, Singing in the Rain, The artist and the recent Kominsky Method) This is my ultimate favorite genre. Ok back to binge watching.

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Christina Souza
Christina Souza
Feb 10, 2019

Yup! That sounds perfect. I would go there first.


I spend more time looking through and adding movies than I do watching. I vote for "OKJSE" (OK Just Select Everything)

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