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Please don’t be late to your Audition!

Call Back! I can't tell you what it's for! Sorry!

I arrived slightly early to the audition struggled to find parking and struggled to find the office. I think things fell out of my backpack in the elevator. Sigh. Get your act together girl! Auditions are Stressful. Thank God I made it early. I signed in and sat down to wait. I overheard the casting on the phone with an agent who said their actor was going to be late. It was not received well! Stress and tension in the air. It was a call back for the producers and director. The team had arrived early. “The Perfect Storm.” (Insert theme song to Jaws here.)

What You Should Know About Casting Directors or CD’s (From Backstage )

“I think people are surprised that it’s so much more than an actor who seems ‘perfect’ for a role based on a character description. A huge part of my job involves being very deliberate in matching an actor to the elements of the piece—the director’s style, the budget of the piece, and the schedule are as important to me as how the actor performs in an audition.” —Carmen Cuba

I beleive the CD and actor are a team. They want you to get the part! So Be prepared. Listen. Be Nice. Be Early-ish!

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