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Singing Gospel music makes me happy.

Gospel Music Makes me Happy!

I get to sing Gospel music tomorrow morning at unity church Rehearsal today made me so happy! I'll be Singing the good news, set to great rhythms! It fills me with hope. It's like Singing positive affirmations, this time without a harmonium. The way that I sing has to be more powerful than the darkness that tries to creep in. My true nature is Joy, but sometimes I linger on a meh vibe. This music wakes me up! It also makes me wanna, uh dance! There’s nothing better. It's like a Sunday morning discoteca! I don’t care what mood I’m in, If I hear that 7-3-6 chord progression, I know the truth is coming.

Here are 5 of my favorite Gospel Tunes.

1. Turn it around - Israel and the new breed.

2. Go get it - Mary Mary

3.I go to the rock -Whitney Houston

4.Praise you -Mary Mary

5. You’re best Days yet! -Bishop Paul Morton

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