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Roll away your Rolls with Roller Skate Dancing.

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

So as a an Actress and Singer I am constantly motivated to stay in shape. Not just to keep up with the millenials, but to keep up with my daughter who has boundless energy! Truth is I have been rollerblading for over ten years. It started The first day I set foot on Venice Beach. I was with my best friend Jackie and they were all these hot bodied people in bathing suits on skates having a great time. I have always loved the roller rink, it’s like going to a club with lights and wheels. However putting on roller skates again after only using rollerblades was a significant change. I decided to purchase roller skates because I went to the roller rink with my daughter and saw people doing really cool dance moves. something that I haven’t seen to the same degree on rollerblades. We started watching roller planet YouTube videos trying to pick up some moves also looking on the Internet for roll bounce instructors. Little did I know one of my best friends is a rollerskating champion! OK well not champion, he just knows how to roller skate backwards, something I don’t know how to do. After about an hour or so of following these roll bounce in rollerskates dancing videos on YouTube I am dripping with sweat the next day. My glutes are on fire! This is amazing and I’m having fun and it’s really challenging. My daughter is super thrilled! It’s something that we could do together. Next stop Walmart for some protective gear! I should mention that we purchased from the candy girl rollerskates one size bigger for my daughter so that she could grow into it and the sure Grip boardwalk color pink. One size down for me because there are men size skates. They were both perfect fits. The skates are not totally comfortable but it appears that they just need to be broken in. Some long socks and some determination and we both are having a great time and feeling healthy!

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