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The sexiness Of uncertainty

Most people think of uncertainty with fear doubt and anxiety. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. There is one thing that can Give you peace during a time of uncertainty. I will tell you what that is in a second.

Uncertainty can be Mysterious, alluring, surprising and unpredictable in other words Sexy! We can view it as the point of infinite possibilities. The time right before the most wonderous thing in your life happens.

Almost every fantastic event that has happened to me came out of a point of uncertainty. So rather than stressing out and trying to facilitate a specific outcome we could allow events to unfold and then take thoughtful action when it’s needed.

Are you ready for the thing that will give you peace in an uncertain time? Curiousity. Hello old but trusted friend. This inquisitive feeling gives you the magnifying glass to find the adventure in every moment. It slows down the crazy frantic energy of fear and worry and turns up the volume of openess and playfulness. Think of yourself as Indiana Jones on the brink of a great discovery.

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