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When Acting Attacks! Jussie Smollett...

So let me get this straight. I need a Headshot, Resume, and a Viral Beat Down in order to make it as an actor in Hollywood? I missed that memo. Can’t we just go back to the innocent days of a sex tape? No one got hurt. Everyone enjoyed it, and it had nothing to do with politics. Sigh. Those days were simpler.

Fox announced that Jussie was removed from the final two episodes of Empire... so in other words he is already guilty. Ok. No due process. Social media is like an angry mob. Easily swayed by the loudest angriest voice.

Hate Porn Is real. We love to Hate hate!

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~Albert Einstein

The internet has the potential for great things. Let’s yield the power for good. Let’s fill it with love stories, heroic achievements, new breakthroughs like Virtual Reality technology helping people with Diasabilities, and other innovative ways to heal ourselves. So when the AI Robots take over, they won’t be armed with all of our social media Hate Data.

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