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Work-life balance? Is it just a myth? Like Ariana Grande starring in the little mermaid?

Ok. I know that’s loaded title. I do wish that Ariana Grande would riff her way through “Part of your World” but alas, that trailer on Youtube is not a real Disney trailer.

Back to Work-Life Balance. It‘s Real!

How can you achieve it? Jeff Bezoz you know the Amazon guy? (I had to look him up because I never know who anybody is.) He likes to use the word “harmony” instead of balance. I personally like the word Dance. The Work- Life Dance. Or maybe the The Work-Life Cha Cha.

Here is what works for me.

1. Choose a job that you love. Seems like a no brainer. If you love your job it won‘t feel like work. You will achieve the ultimate blend.

2. Minimize your homework time. I like to keep mine to an hour. Unless there is a major project, then I do preparation first thing in the morning. Preferably before anyone else gets up. I also like to work and Hike. I make phone calls and answer emails, sing, recite lines like a crazy person on the side of a cliff, of course I stop moving when I do it.

3. Nurture Relationships. For me, meal time and weekends are for family. Snuggle time 3 times a weak. Going out with Friends, once every two weeks.

4. Wellness and Sleep. For God's sake eat something green and from the earth at least once a day. Green drink, kale, spinach Celery. Something. Go to bed at a decent hour and listen to something positive right before going to bed. Or a trick I do is take whatever negative statement that’s on replay n my head and say the opposite. Instead of “I’m lonely“ say “ I am loving and loved. Then get your butt to bed.

5. Meditation or some sort of mind- body exercise to release stress. I get it in twice a week at aikido, which I love. I don’t always have time to meditate so I practice mindfulness or staying present.

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